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“unregulated tube mods”, also known as mechanical mods or tube mods, have no circuitry or safety protections. They are simply metal tubes into which a vaping battery is inserted. This means you should take extra safety precautions when using a mechanical mod. Common vape devices we see that are considered “unregulated mechanical tube mods” are single 18650 tube mods and single 26650 tube mods.


The dangers of exceeding the vaping battery amp limit: 

The lower the resistance of an atomizer, the more amp draw you will be pulling from your battery. High current (high amperage) means that there are more electrons flowing per second past a specific point. When you reduce the resistance of a vape coil, the wattage is increased and so is the heat. Exceeding the amperage rating of a vaping battery is dangerous because it can cause the battery to fail or vent, which could cause the battery to catch fire or explode.

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