Payment methods

Secure Shopping

-We utilize for all credit card transactions and do not store any credit information on our servers.-

-We have no pop ups ads – we don't affiliate our business with third party websites that try to sell their merchandise.

-We don't spam your inbox – you can opt in or out of our mailings at anytime instantly.

-Plenty of satisfied customers and reviews

-We have a local phone number and our physical office and shipping is located in Mesquite, TX.

-Management, employees, and customer support is based in our Mesquite, TX headquarters.

-We accept all major credit cards.

-We accept Checks and Wire Transfers

-We currently only accept wire transfers for International transactions

-Our site is secured. (See the lock in the address bar.)

-We have privacy, shipping and return policies in place.

-We do not sell your information to other companies.

-As always if you have any questions you can always contact us during business hours.